Commitment to Our Communities

We interact with local residents, government and non-government organisations to achieve sustainability. To this end, we have formed Maya Mittal Public Charitable Trust which performs various activities for social causes and for the welfare of under privileged community in the field of education, health care, public welfare, environmental and religious activities. Some of these activities carried out by Maya Mittal Public Charitable Trust are listed below:

  • The Trust has organized several marriages of girls from under privileged community free of cost.
  • The Trust has constructed a Community Hall for marriages and functions for the needy and under privileged community.
  • The Trust has donated a School Bus for transporting blind students to the School.
  • The Trust has set up a Computer Learning Center for training to under privileged children & women.
  • The Trust has constructed class rooms and donated school furniture to several needy Schools.
  • The Trust has contributed financial aid for eye operations and heart bypass surgery for the needy and under privileged community.
  • The Trust has taken up beautification and maintenance of a public park.

Commitment to Our Employees

Centre for Personal and Professional development

At Atul, we hire the best to be the part of the team. We believe in the professional as well as personal growth of the people. We offer our employee the environment to learn, grow, advance and make a difference to themselves and the society. We provide trainings and education to our employees thus enabling them to realize future success. The Company has constantly organized trainings at various levels to improve the technical skills as well as managerial competency. The recent trainings which have been carried out by the Company include:

  • Design & 3D model development on solidworks.
  • 5-Axis machining using SolidCAM.
  • Workshop on welding procedures
  • Workshop on non destructive testing

We are more of a small family who in the process of making the company profitable also help each other grow individually.

The employees have the highest priority at Atul. We have tied up with a hospital to provide medical assistance to the employees.


At Atul, we offer very competitive wages to the employees, Atul Engineering Udyog strives to improve the workplace conditions so that its employee ‘feel like home away from home’.

Commitment to our environment

At Atul, we are committed towards ensuring a clean and a sustainable environment. We make sure that all operations are conducted in environmental responsible manner. We annually assess our process to ensure that best practices are adopted to prevent and control pollution. We try to maximise our usage of non-carbonaceuos raw material, renewable energy and reduce the production of non environmental friendly wastes. We try to improve the environmental management systems across all our operations. To this end, the following activities have been carried out by the Company:

  • The Company uses natural gas instead of diesel to run all our back up power gensets thus eliminating harmful emission. Further, our captive Gas Genset of 1 MW is based on natural gas.
  • All our heat treatment furnaces run on natural gas instead of furnace oil/diesel emanating cleaner emission.
  • Company is always executing sand recycling system to minimize the use of new sand, thus minimizing the impact of environment.
  • Rain water harvesting has been carried out in several places in the factory campus.